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eBook prepared by J Trading Ltd.
For Beginners and Intermediate Traders
"Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing"
Warren Buffett

Deriv Assets Trading

Our experience on binary assets puts as first in ranking.

Eventhough we started our journey by trading currency pairs and stocks, our team has a lot of experience in binary assets which are nothing but computer generated. 

Crypto coins

We identify and shill best cryptocurrencies with best projects and fundamentals.

The crypto market has been known for a decade now with total market cap of trillions of dollars with potential return and of course potential risk, but don’t worry we will make it easy-peasy lemon Squizzy.

Customer Support

We don't have any priority, but our customers.

We are working hard to support our customers 24/7; this feature will enable users contact any of J Trading School admins whenever they want help.

Why Us

How we do it

Gain trust of our customers

Our customers are "the priority"

Since the day one of J Trading, we have been doing incredible jobs by helping our students free and low cost with special offers. We share strategies with our clients if and only if the strategy becomes effective and productive in our side.

Training clients till they become pro

We pay close "attention"

By preparing various pre recorded videos and portable document materials we train our students until they master. The strategies shared on the school are never Ponzi schemes, we really understand trading currencies, commodity indices, stock market and cryptocurrencies is full of risk; but what makes us special is we focus on reducing risk and improving reward.

OGs to newbies

Flow the experience "down hill"

Those above the roof are never ashamed to come down and teach those who are purely new to the industry. We grow rich together!

About Us

Who we are

"J Trading Ltd." is private limited school started with a goal of reaching out to the world helping others beef-up their trading strategies.

We are the decisive factor behind your success

The journey of “J Trading Ltd” started when its founder Mr. Wagaye Tadele (Jupi) went through a lot of scams related to forex trading, specially those related to signal providers and bitcoin sellers. A lot of new comers fail for scam traps and lose their money; so we started helping people understand how to trade or invest in both forex market and crypto market only by paying few bucks.

We are expanding our scope to different financial sectors, reaching out many people.

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