Kinesiology Tape Can Be Fun For Everyone

TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare workers across the world have been active on social media displaying the painful results of wearing medical personal protective equipment (PPE) for long hours on the job. Kinesiology tape has been popularized by high profile athletes wearing tape on TV and in photos throughout the internet. As requested, OSHA has reevaluated its classification of the application of kinesiology tape as constituting medical treatment. Could something as simple as stretchy tape, applied to the back of the neck, really be an effective treatment for severe headaches? She says the treatment has transformed her life. ‘About 60 per cent of my patients suffer from long-standing cervicogenic headaches, where tension originates in the vertebrae of the neck before ending up behind the eyes or back of the head,’ he says. Migraine, the most severe headache, will affect about 25 per cent of women and up to 15 per cent of men. A roll of tape is affordable and will last you a while – just snip off however much you need, peel off the back and stick on your skin. The adhesive is a gentle, gel-like, latex-free adhesive that maintains a seal on the skin without irritation and can be removed with no pain or skin damage.

It is hypoallergenic and latex-free. What is Kinesiology Tape or Kinesio Tape? Several different companies now manufacture kinesiology tapes, each of which are slightly different in terms of their fabric, colors and length. In terms of recovery, kinesiology tape promotes blood flow and lymphatic fluid flow (though more research is generally needed in this regard). Kinesiology tape should be sticky enough that it stays on for days at a time and doesn’t lose its staying power when stretched. As mentioned, earlier Kinesio Tape can be used by athletes of any sport or anyone with muscle issues. Tay, Kinesio taping in musculoskeletal pain and disability that lasts for more than 4 weeks: is it time to peel off the tape and throw it out with the sweat? According to the 2,000 or so British osteopaths advocating the technique, known as Kinesio taping, the answer is a resounding yes. Specialty products like our top choice, KT TAPE’s Pro Synthetic Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape, might be the answer to returning to your feet even throughout the healing process. Kinesiology tape should feature an elasticity rating, which tells you how much the tape is capable of stretching when placed on the body to support musculature and joints.

The pieces are usually cut to fit specific body areas, so there’s little expertise required to apply them. Most single rolls are about 16 feet long, enough for about ten uses. With rolls of kinesiology tape, it is possible to cut any length or shape. You don’t have to be ‘certified’ to use kinesiology tape or spend hundreds of dollars learning a bunch of patterns and techniques that are not evidence-based or even useful! I don’t buy any of it personally. Next time, don’t let the kinesiology tape slow you down, clean it up and carry on. Kinesiology tape helps keep your joints in place and reduce the risk of injury while you play CureTape Sports Kinesiology Tape 2 x 16 5cm x 5m Single Rolls. Give your muscles the unbeatable support provided by kinesiology tapes, as well as enjoying the peace of mind that you are preventing strain or injury. Pain relief: Limits pressure on sensitive parts of the body, including muscles and joints, to reduce discomfort resulting from injury. Before application, stretch and loosen your muscles. Dr Sacks says: ‘I stretch the tape across the affected area to support the head and take pressure off the affected muscles, allowing them to heal.

Elasticated tape has been used for decades to provide joint support to injured athletes, including David Beckham, who is often seen sporting the brightly coloured tape. For regular athletes, our reusable support straps might be a better option. If tape doesn’t properly adhere to the body, it can’t possibly support your muscles, ligaments, and joints. Misaligned joints in the spine, another common cause of headaches, are also checked for by looking for restricted movement in the neck. SpiderTech is now looking to develop relationships with other hospitals and clinics to help staff that may be experiencing these same issues. Unfortunately, many several studies on the same pathology (such as impingement) often use different patterns between studies. When working on athletic techniques and and building strength, the fun part is learning new movement patterns and hitting new PRs. Recap the K Taping Techniques Video video if you’re new to K Taping. Check out the video and descriptive explanation below on how to properly tape this area. The tape is made from elastic strand wrapped in cotton fibres, which makes it comfortable, breathable and waterproof. The mini i-STRIP kinesiology tape face protection is made of 100% cotton SpiderTech kinesiology tape and essentially acts as a “second skin” that is comfortable, breathable and provides an excellent barrier between the user’s skin and their mask, eyewear and other PPE.

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