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Callaway balls represent one of the top golf brands represented by Phil Mickelson that provide tour-proven distance and a soft feel to help you shoot better scores on the course (you may not shoot like the pros on the PGA tour, but itll certainly help!). And this technique really aimed at the slightly better golfers. What’s great is there are dozens of items you can choose from when it comes to promotional products for golfers. Once you’ve approved the look and design, we’ll start printing and have your items out to you in no time. Benjamin Russell began Russell Athletic in 1902, but it didn’t start its athletic line until 1938, when it produced pants for basketball, baseball and football. Whatever your need, EPS has the expertise to design the golf ball product-marking solution that fits in your production line and your budget. Remember 12 o’clock would be straight so now we’re thinking more about 11 o’clock, so I’ve pointed the logo at 11. That should encourage my swing path line to be more out-to-in across my target line swinging down the left side. Customized golf accessories such as these not only bring in additional revenue, but they also lead to more brand impressions.

A common problem for corporate gift givers is that their brand is often neglected or downplayed in the process of giving the gift. You can upload your artwork or add text if you prefer, which will display on the customiser giving you a realistic visual proof of how your personalised balls will look before checkout. When I display them at my house, people often ask me about specific courses they see on the balls. Here we see approximately 7,200 sticks! Giving one of these out as a promotional item will work wonders for your branding as it will be the first thing people see when needing a Band-Aid or hand sanitizer. That is a good thing for your company because common things are easily forgotten. These may include balls that are heavily scuffed and/or discolored, and may even include some minor cuts. These balls will consist of golf balls that range from looking like golf balls with minor marking and/or small surface scratches/scuffs. The first is buy your customized golf balls based on the course on which your event is taking place. 1. Place your order before noon on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Once you have that number set, remember that it is always recommended to order 25% more than you need.

Q: What is a play number? Once you remove these items to play on the course, you can use the pouch to hold your valuables such as wallet and car keys. This is more of a collector’s item instead of a ball I will actually use. These are something that you will actually find many people wearing as soon as they receive their gift bags at the beginning of the outing. Some features that make a custom logo golf ball set a well-received promotional item are the return on investment you will get and the characteristics of the golf ball itself. Our suite of custom logo golf balls includes a high quality, consistent product that your recipients will instantly recognize. A custom golf ball is a sleek, highly popular, and efficient promotional product that your recipients will love. Once the ball is activated (either by bouncing it or hitting with your club), the two high powered LED lights will illuminate the ball for 8 – 10 minutes until the automatic shutoff turns off the lights to preserve battery life.

If Pinnacle monogrammed nitro golf balls balls are your brand of choice when hitting the course, be sure to customize your own with Custom Made Golf Events. Logo golf balls from the top golf brands establish an immediate visual presence for your brand out on the course. Although Diadora makes nothing from the resale of their shoes, it does create brand awareness for them. Practice pants come in both nylon and mesh (for hot weather practices), and game pants come in white and silver. For decades, the practice of giving golf balls as business gifts has been a common practice. You might be planning one of the aforementioned events but wonder how exactly giving a promo golf ball will benefit your business. Think about incorporating some promo items as part of your business. The next step is to check the deep discounts given for your order and decide if it is more cost-efficient to order a larger number of promo golf ball sets.

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